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About Us

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Given as a gift to skin and hair keepers, we have been blessed with both heritage and wisdom that transcends our native soil-rich land

We have traveled and learned in places from America, United Kingdom, UAE, Africa, and Asia from hair and skin care experts and the women and men whose crowns and color for whom they care

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Our Story

Clothed in the strength of our native beginnings, coupled with our global influence, we have achieved the optimal balance between nature and science. We humbly share our gifts in products formulated to deliver the best results for your unique skin and hair. We shall remain true and authentic to our gifts, revealing how beautiful you are by producing premium products using the best ingredients at an affordable price.

Who is Somma

Achieving healthy visible results using unique ingredients with traditional heritage across different regions of the world. Keeping it simple, premium quality to deliver measurable solutions for your unique beauty concerns has been SOMMA’s commitment to you. Inspired by the connection between science and nature, we offer quality products at an affordable price point that treats, maintains and improves the hair and skin.

Each of our products combines unique practices from various parts of the world with soil-rich ingredients known to deliver the best results for every hair and skin type

Be Beautiful… Be Somma

Our Company

Our company is divided between its Beauty and Professional division with an array of  products including best sellers such as the Deep conditioner with Menthol, Hydrating Mint Shampoo, Oils, Permanent Hair Colors and Creme Developers.

With a heavy emphasis on incorporating  organic ingredients and vitamins enabling it to always achieve its focus on results for a  healthy and Beautiful Hair and Skin.